Building Credibility as a Business Strategy

Building Credibility as a Business Strategy“You wouldn’t hire a physician to fix your car nor would you seek the advice of a stranger on a street corner to complete your tax return. A successful business must be built on a foundation of credibility. As the leader of your organization, you possess the power to inspire and demonstrate this vitally critical trait.”

In this four-page digital guide, you’ll learn exactly what is considered “credibility” in the business world and how to build it. Also covered is a list of “credibility busters” that can easily sink your genealogy business; you’ll learn how to identify these pitfalls and how to avoid them and even recover from them.

With the Building Credibility as a Business Strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you’ll be ready to build credibility as you build your genealogy business.


About the Author:  Lori Samuelson is a lifelong educator and National Board Certified Teacher/Counselor who has conducted genealogical research for more than 30 years.  Her bi-weekly blog, Genealogy At Heart, provides research tips, new historical findings for the beginner to the professional level genealogist and her journey to become a Certified Genealogist.

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