Content Marketing

content marketingAt its heart, content marketing is storytelling. Similar to how and why genealogy researchers place the facts of an ancestor’s life together in the form of a story, content marketers position facts together in an informative and entertaining story to share. Successful content marketing designed for your target market embraces the concept and the realization that the most important content to produce must meet your current and potential clients’ informational needs. And, it must be created to provide information they seek.

With the Content Marketing strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you’ll understand why content marketing matters and the elements involved in creating and deploying successful content marketing campaigns.


About the Author: An avid genealogist since 1980, and principal of It’s All Relatives, Sharon S. Atkins is passionate about helping others find “their personal connection to history.” As a researcher, speaker, teacher and author of genealogy-related educational guides as well as a non-fiction book, she thrives on all things genealogy!

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