Contests and Giveaways

GenBiz Solutions™ Guide - Contests and GiveawaysOnline contests, also known as social media promotions, are filled with marketing opportunities for your genealogy business. Before holding a contest, there are many elements and issues to consider including legal issues, prize selection, platform selection, marketing and more. Learn all the ins and outs of hosting an online contest or giveaway and the best methods of leveraging their marketing power.

Included with this guide is access to a free Contest Rules Template that can be customized for your own contacts.

In this six-page digital guide, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts about contests including how to select the proper prize, contest format and hosting platform.

With the Contests and Giveaways strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you can get started on reaping the benefits of having your genealogy business host an online contest today.


About the author: Thomas MacEntee is the founder of High-Definition Genealogy and a genealogy professional specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogy research and as a way to connect with others in the family history community.

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