Creating a Sales Process

GenBiz Solutions™ Guide - Creating a Sales ProcessThe ultimate measurement of success for any business is dependent upon the successful balance of income derived from sales revenue and the management of expenses. The amount of sales revenue generated; whether it is passive or active is dependent upon your ability to define and manage your sales process.

In this five-page digital guide, you’ll learn the key differences between marketing and sales – an important distinction that many new business owners overlook! Then leverage the proven five-step process outlined in detail to create your own sales process. Included with this guide are two valuable Excel templates: one for managing your sales prospects (Prospect Management Template) and another for tracking and analyzing your sales process data (Sales Process Data Template).

With the Creating a Sales Process strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you’ll be ready to start increasing your sales and revenue for your genealogy business!


About the author: An avid genealogist since 1980, and principal of It’s All Relatives, Sharon S. Atkins is passionate about helping others find “their personal connection to history.” As a researcher, speaker, teacher and author of genealogy-related educational guides as well as a non-fiction book, she thrives on all things genealogy!

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