Starting a Business Blog

GenBiz Solutions™ Guide - Starting a Business BlogSo why would starting a business-focused blog make more sense than just having a news section on your website? 1) Blogs are easier to update and compared to a website; 2) Blog posts allow reader interaction through comments and social media sharing; 3) Blogs automatically provide features allowing a wider reach and “push” communication; and 4) Blogs also add a personal touch to your products and services; the key to successful marketing these days is “storytelling” . . . potential clients and consumers want to know the person behind the business. The fact is that many successful business websites are actually set up and run as blogs . . . yet they appear to be standard websites.

In this six-page digital guide, every aspect of creating and maintaining a business blog is covered: which blogging platform to use, how to set up pages and posts, advertising, producing content on a regular basis . . . even how to shut down a blog! In addition you’ll get access to two Excel templates to get you started: a Blog Planning Template that covers all the basic elements of a successful blog and helps you track their implementation on your blog and a Blog Editorial Calendar Template which will help you plan out content in the future.

With the Starting a Business Blog strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you can create an engaging blog that will attract readers and convert them into customers for your genealogy-related products and services.


About the author: Thomas MacEntee is the founder of High-Definition Genealogy and a genealogy professional specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogy research and as a way to connect with others in the family history community.

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