Starting a Genealogy Business

GenBiz Solutions™ Guide - Starting a Genealogy BusinessHave you thought seriously about starting your own genealogy and family history–related business? Have you researched your own genealogy and also done so for friends who’ve said “You should do this for a living?” Do you think that since researching your own ancestors is “fun” that it would make a good way to earn a living? You can make a living in the genealogy industry and yes, it can become a rewarding career; however there are many factors involved in owning and running a business that you may not have considered.

In this five-page digital guide, every aspect of starting a genealogy business is covered: legal and financial issues, budgets, products and services, marketing, incorporation strategies, and more. In addition you’ll get access to two templates to get you started: a New Business Checklist that covers all the basic components of a successful business and helps you track their implementation and an Idea Parking Lot Template which can be used to capture ideas and turn them into new products and services.

With the Starting a Genealogy Business strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, you can get started planning your genealogy-related business today.


About the author: Thomas MacEntee is the founder of High-Definition Genealogy and a genealogy professional specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogy research and as a way to connect with others in the family history community.

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