What’s Your Brand?

GenBiz Solutions™ Guide - What's Your Brand?Branding is the foundation for all your marketing communications vehicles. And, while branding yourself and/or your company is essential for creating your identity in the marketplace; more importantly, your brand will become the source of your “promise” to your future, current and past clients.

In this four-page digital guide, you’ll learn how to thoughtfully create the brand that represents the image you wish to portray, the emotion you wish to elicit and the action you want from the marketplace.

The What’s Your Brand? strategy guide from GenBiz Solutions™, will put you on the right path to creating your unique brand.


About the Author: An avid genealogist since 1980, and principal of It’s All Relatives, Sharon S. Atkins is passionate about helping others find “their personal connection to history.” As a researcher, speaker, teacher and author of genealogy-related educational guides as well as a non-fiction book, she thrives on all things genealogy!

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